Kingston – adopted

Kingston is about 2 years old.  He has lived his life being called a Miniature Pinscher, however I am not so sure he is fully that.  He is very large for a MinPin – he tips the scale at just over 20lbs.  I am thinking he is part Manchester Terrier, but who knows, maybe MinPins can be this big? You can see in the photo Apple, who is about 10 lbs.

Kingston and Apple
Kingston has learned to be a normal dog in the 3 short weeks he has been here.  When he showed up he thought he was the boss of all that, but quickly learned from the pack that he ain’t all that!!  He has stopped being food aggressive, and shares now, or he will wait til everyone else has finished eating.  He has learned that big dogs are his friends too and that he doesn’t have to act like he is a tough guy anymore.

He however has not learned that cats can be his friends too.  So no cats for Kingston Please!  Kingston has learned that the work NO means NO.  Off means Off, Leave it means Leave it, and go in your house means go in your crate.  With the right owner who shows positive leadership without any “alpha dog” type training, Kingston will make a wonderful companion. He learns quickly, and is willing to please.

The previous owners have told me that Kingston was great with their grandchildren, but I have not had a chance to see how he is with children myself.

Sweet Kingston

Kingston’s adoption fee is $295.00 – He is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed.  An adoption application and home visit is required.

Apple- adopted

Apple is almost 6 months old.  She is a beautiful little dog, very affectionate and loving. When she arrived at 12 weeks old, she was terrified of people.  She is still that way.  She loves who she knows, but new people are not in her good books, until she gets to know them on her own time – and gets to know she can trust them.  She is not a dog who can be grabbed, or a dog who would allow people to maul her cause she is so cute. Humans must respect her space, and let her come to them when she is ready.  She needs proper patient socialization with lots of people.

A home that forces her to interact with them will destroy her already shaky confidence, and can create greater problems in regards to her fear.  Apple loves dogs and cats, she does not like pushy dogs that are too bounce off the walls, she has the confidence to put those dogs in their places.  Apple would not be good with children of any age, an adult home only will be chosen.


Apple is almost fully house broken, and is very good with using peepads if I am out too long.  Her adoption fee is $495.00 an adoption application and home visit is required.  We will not be making quick decisions for her, and would like to explore all home options to choose the best for Apple.  She is fully vaccinated, dewormed, and will be spayed and microchipped prior to placement in her forever home.


Bobby is a 3 year old Maltese.  He loves to go for car rides, loves going in the big purse so he can go shopping. Doesnt bark at people, but a great guard dog when on home turf.  He loves cats and dogs, but will growl at dogs when they come close to you, a little jealous. He loves his humans, but doesn’t really like young children, they move too quickly for him, so a home without children would be best.


Loves to sleep in just like his people do, and yes he sleeps in bed with us.  He is a morning kisser and stretcher.   He loves to chases a ball.  Because he’s white and has long fine hair, he gets a bath and blow dry every 7 to 10 days, and must be brushed daily.   He is on a raw food diet and he does very well on it, hopefully his new forever family will continue feeding raw.


Bobby is vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, tattoed and microchipped.  His adoption fee is $495.00  An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us at to request an application.  Thank You

Polly Pocket – Adopted

Polly is about 6 months old, a Minpin Cross with a Doxie.  She is a high energy, super friendly dog.  She loves people and is all over you with her tongue and happiness.  She loves to play with other dogs of her size is a little protective of her food, and is good with her feline friends.

She is mostly housebroken, but still has a couple of piddle accidents in the house sometimes..nothing serious.  She sleeps quietly and solidly through the night in her crate.  Polly needs an owner who is willing to put some time into training her to do basic commands, and to provide an equal balance of love and discipline.

Polly Pocket

Polly is fully vaccinated and dewormed. She will be spayed and chipped prior to her going to a forever home. Her adoption fee is $495.00 An adoption application and home visit is required. Please email us at to request and adoption application.

Bouwman (now Solomon – aka Solly) ADOPTED

Bouwman is about 17 weeks old, his mommy was a Great Pyrenees, and his daddy we are guessing was a Shepherd.  Bouwman is a sweet BIG puppy, and is very attached to his humans, even though it is obvious that they weren’t always so nice to him.  When I walk Bouwman, he sticks to my leg like glue, he heels even though he was never taught to do so.  He is great with other dogs, big and small, but would rather be with people (for now).  Once he gains more confidence, I am sure he will play with the other dogs, and do what dogs do.


Bouwman was a farm puppy, and does not understand house training yet.  He is still hesitant with stairs as well, but he does them, while whining all the way up and all the way down.  Bouwman would be good with children, however toddlers and small children could be a bit small for this large, clumsy puppy.  He is a gentle giant, tries to jump on me, but understands that it isn’t allowed.

I just started crate training Bouwman – so we could get his house training on the go.  He howled for about 3 hours the first 2 nights, and that gets less and less as we continue.  I am sure he will learn to love the crate as his safety zone, and go in willingly on command in no time.  He is a smart dog, with willingness to please…

Bouwman will be neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated prior to adoption.  His adoption donation is $395.00

An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us to request an application or download one from the “Adoption Process” page of this site.  Bouwman would also really love a foster home until he finds his forever home, if you can open your home and heart to him temporarily, please contact us!!

Jackson – ADOPTED

Jackson is a teeny tiny Miniature Pinscher with a Big Heart!!  He is about 2 years old.  Yes, he is very small and very cute!  But please don’t apply for him just cause you want a “cute little dog”.  Jackson has a very sensitive stomach and needs to be on a very strict diet.  One of high quality, lower protein food, no rawhides, or artificial type treats either.  He does best if fed 3 smaller meals per day.

Jackson’s house training came along beautifully.  He is a little love dog, but coddling this sweetheart will bring back his separation anxiety – so he needs humans that are able to balance love, with discipline.  He is crate trained, and should sleep in his crate at night, not in  your bed….especially for at least the first year of life with new people.

No little children for Jackson please!  He is fine with other dogs, still has a little attitude with the bigger dogs, and is fine with cats.

Jackson is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated.  His adoption donation is $395.00

An adoption application and home visit is required.

Dexter – adopted

Dexter is an approximately 1 year old Lab possibly Dane or Pit Bull mix. He was found as a stray in a remote part of Chilliwack. When his rescuers found him he was very thin and dirty and had no identification-not even a collar. It was clear after bringing him home that he had never been inside a house.


Dexter is very grateful to his rescuers for saving him and giving him some much needed love and attention.  He has now been neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed and is at a healthy weight. Dexter is a sweet and gentle dog who loves everyone he meets including cats, other dogs, and children.

He is good off leash and loves going for long walks everyday at the dike where he meets many doggy friends to play with. Although he is young, he not hyper and is eager to please his human companions, he would probably enjoy and excel in obedience classes.  Dexter is ready to find his forever home, for more information or to fill out an adoption application, please email Keira at  Dexter’s adoption fee will be $300. A home visit is required.


Jamee is a 5 year old Standard Dachshund.  She was surrendered by her owners they said they just didn’t have time for her.  Jamee should be an only dog, as she is very needy.  She is jealous of other dogs that try to also get attention from her human.  With consistency, boundaries and proper training – she could learn to share.  But this takes time and owners who are diligent and patient.  Jamee would also prefer a home without small children.

She is still fairly high energy, a little overweight, needing exercise and a proper training regiment.  She should not be spoiled as this will just enable her behavior.  She does have a little separation anxiety, so a home instead of apartment, condo or townhome would be more suitable for her.

She is a beautiful dog, and with the right owner, she will make a wonderful companion.  Jamee is also seeking a foster home until she finds her forever home.


Sorry about the blurry photo, she just wouldn’t stand still LOL.  Jamee’s adoption fee is $450.  She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and had a full dental.

An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us at to request an application via email or you can go directly to the “Adoption Process” page of this blog.

Yumi (adopted) and Her Babies (All Adopted)

Yumi came to us in mid July, we had a surprise as she was pregnant and not far away from giving birth to her 5 beautiful babies.  We know that Yumi is a Silky Terrier – maybe mixed with something, and maybe not.  We have no idea what the father of the puppies were, so your guess to their breed mix is as good as ours.

The Puppies from Left to Right:  Vinny Male), Corky (female), Fiore (female), Louie (male), and Panda (Male).  They will be ready to find their forever home in about 2 weeks from today (September 20).

Yumi will also be seeking her forever home after her spay in about 3 weeks.  She is aprrox. 3 years old. She is good with other dogs, sometimes giving large dogs some attitude, nothing that can’t be corrected quickly.  She is house broken, and is great with cats too.  She would be fine in a home with older children (above 6).


Applications and home visits are required as per usual.  Please email us at to request an application.  The adoption fee for each of these wonderful dogs is $395.


Ok, Ok, so I named him Pappy the Papillon…any other suggestions?  He is about 6 years old.  He was used as a stud dog and was dumped when he could no longer “perform”.   He has come a long way in a short period of time, he was not too taken by humans at first…but after his bath, and some TLC, he became very attached to me.  He gives me his sweet puppy dog eyes and when I call him to come for some love, he sure comes running!  He has touched my heart with his sweet personality.

PappyHe would like to be in a home free of little people (children).  He would like to be an only child or have a calm doggie friend similar to his own personality.  He is totally fine with the other dogs, but really does not interact with them at all.  He sits with his back towards the others, as if to say – I am above you,  just leave me alone.  He would love to be sitting in the lap of luxury after being used his whole life.  He is not very good with his kitty friends though.  He is house trained and crate trained.

Pappy’s adoption donation is $395, he has been neutered, vaccinated, wormed, chipped and flea treated. He also has had a full dental and has lost a number of teeth.  But the teeth he has left are so pearly white now.  An adoption application and home visit is required as usual. You can email us at to request an application to be emailed to you, or you can find one right here on this blog in the Adoption Process Page.

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