Upgrades and Improvements

Hello Dhana Metta Supporters!!

We have been working hard to improve our facilities, to provide a safer, happier place for dogs in transition to stay, while they wait for their forever or foster homes.

We also would like to continue to work towards building better facilities for our residents dogs – which we tend to call the “un-adoptables” who will live out their lives here at Dhana Metta Headquarters.  We call this part the Sanctuary for seniors, medical cases, and behaviourally challenged canines.

Materials are very expensive. Just to build a covered area
(lean to) without the fencing or tin roofing has cost us approximately $1000 in lumber. The Roofing materials will run us close to or just over $1500.

And then the new solid panel fencing is after that, but must be done before summer comes, which will likely run about $3000.

We would like to raise $5500 to cover this much needed upgrade to the facilities.

We hope that each Dhana Metta Supporter would be kind enough to donatea nominal $5 or $10 dollars.   Every little bit counts – and it all adds up!

Please help us make the dogs feel more comfortable and safe by summer! We would love to be able to have an open house once everything is done, so you can all see what you have contributed to!

Donations can be made via paypal by clicking below

It takes a Team to build a Dream!! We hope you will help make our dreams come true!


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