Honey Bear aka Aloha


Honey bear did so well during her recovery – and is using her leg 100%.  She is a happy, healthy puppy – and she could not have done it without all the loving support from her rescuers, transporters,  her donators, her surgeon and after care staff, and her Foster mom – who is now her new Forever mom!!!

Honey Bear

Thank you to everyone who helped Honey Bear get a chance at a new life off the streets!!


UPDATE ON HONEY BEAR (aka ALOHA) June 24, 2013

Honey Bear went in for her Femoral Head Osteotomy surgery on June 3rd, 2013.  She did very well and pulled through like a champ.  3 weeks later, she is already weight bearing!  She sure is getting bored though, being kept confined for her healing, and only going out for short leash walks.  Soon she will start her rehab therapy at Canada West Vet Specialists.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to Honey’s cause.  We would like to especially thank Gloria and Tony for chipping in $4000 for the entire surgery bill, and a big thank  you to Mr. Snowman for his contribution.  With all that was chipped in, we were able to cover Honey Bear’s Surgery, her Rehab, her transport, and all her vetting previous to the surgery – which included xrays, skin scrapings and multiple exams, it also covered her spay!

We send a special thank you out to Dr. Dave Francis at Canada West Vet Specialists for being so compassionate and caring to all our animals that see him, and for being a great surgeon!

2013-06-05 10.13.19

Honey Bear thanks all of you for helping her!!

Original post dated May 14, 2013

Sweet darling little girl Honey Bear, 7 months old, just a baby.  Lost and wandering.  Hiding under cars.  Scared.  One day an angel came along and took her to safety.  Her angel posted for help, stating that Honey Bear seemed to be walking oddly.  Dhana Metta answered the call – as we did not want to see this sweet girl killed by running through traffic and lord knows what other dangers lurk out there for small dogs.  Honey is only 8 lbs, a little underweight, she was covered with fleas and full of worms.

Honey Bear aka Aloha

Upon her arrival to Dhana Metta Headquarters, she was taken to the vet for a full exam.  We mentioned that we were concerned about her not wanting to stand up, and always leaning to one side.  Sure enough, the x-rays showed that she had a severely fractured pelvis and a broken hip.  The vet said she was likely hit by a car, cause only that type of force could cause such damage.

Honey Bear’s x-rays were sent to the orthopedic specialist for review.  The outcome – an FHO surgery is needed so sweet Honey can live pain free, and be able to walk much better.  She is a darling and is worth every penny. We hope the rest of you feel and see it the same way as we do. She deserves to be loved, cared for, kept safe, and given the medical attention she so desperately needs right now.  We don’t have much time to raise the funds for this girl.  The sooner the surgery the better.

So far, Honey Bear’s vet bills have reach a total of almost $700.  Donations would be graciously accepted and greatly appreciated.  To cover the bills already incurred, and to cover her surgery which will likely total approx $4000.

Honey Bear aka Aloha

PLEASE help us help Honey Bear.  She deserves to know how wonderful humans can actually be.  We are going to set up an account for Honey Bear at the Specialist Clinic and this info will be posted shortly.  However, if you would like to donate towards Honey Bear’s current vet bills (and for her upcoming surgery) donations can be made directly to Dhana Metta Rescue Society by clicking on this link:


Any amount is greatly appreciated!!  Honey Bear sends her Licks and Wags!!

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