Tofu and Nori – adopted

Tofu 5.2lbs and Nori 4.2lbs are Chihuahua sisters that are about 16 weeks old.  They are very, very timid chihuahua’s when you first meet them but once they have gotten comfortable with their surroundings they are spunky, energetic and loving puppies. It took them about 2 weeks to get comfortable enough to come out of their crate so you will have to be patient. Because they are so timid we would prefer these girls went to homes without small children.

They are crate trained and almost 100% trained to use pee pads as long as they know where to find them. They are both very well behaved with other dogs. Not sure how they are with cats since we do not have one.

Tofu and Nori

Tofu is a very playful chihuahua that loves to run around and play with her chew toys when she has gotten all her energy out she loves to cuddle up with you under the blankets. Nori is a very sweet, loving chihuahua that always wants to know what you’re up too, she likes to play fetch, sit with you buried into your lap, and when you’re talking to her she gets excited and will whine back to you.

Nori does get very anxious when leaving the house and going for car rides, she foams at the mouth and throws up this will need to be worked on by taking her out for short trips and for short amounts of time. Overall they are amazing little chihuahuas! They do not have to go together, but they sure do love eachother!!!!

The adoption fee for these deserving little girls are $495 (each) – includes spay, vaccines, deworm, flea treatment and microchip.  An adoption application and home visit is required.


  1. Kelly Gust said,

    January 14, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    I have tried a couple of times to email my application for the adoption of Nori and Tofu, but it keeps rejecting. Can you please call me @ xxxxxxx. Thank you. Kelly

  2. trev said,

    January 17, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    they are so beautiful and i sure hope they go together. i have 3 female chihuahuas at home so am not able to take them at this time.

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