Soda-Pop and Neehi – adopted after waiting 3 years for their perfect person to come!

Every time I think of adopting out these brothers, my heart breaks.  I have had them with me, in my own home since September of 2009 and I love them both so much.  When they arrived they were puppies, 9 months old, super high energy and no manners…but they have been here so long, they are over 2 years old, they have grown and learned so much.

Sodapop and Neehi

Neehi and Sodapop after playing in mud


Soda-Pop is more of a needy personality, he always wants attention and cuddles.  He is a very sensitive personality and a total suck. When I wake up in the morning, the very first thing I do is get all the dogs out to the yard to pee.  Soda refuses to go out until I pick him up and give him a good morning hug.  Once he has received his hug, he willingly goes out to pee.   Neehi is more resilient and independent but still loves to cuddle, he doesn’t demand a good morning hug, but goes out to the bathroom, then comes back inside for his beginning of the day hug and kiss.   They both LOVE to sleep under cover, and are blanket hogs.

Soda is smaller than Neehi, but they do look like twins.  Because they look like twins, they have been picked up a couple of times by an animal talent agency and have been in 3 TV commercials.  Their agents would love to be able to use them in the future, and also hope they find a home together. Watch them in the Campbell’s Soup commercial below.  It’s a quick 2 second appearance, but are they ever cute!!!

I will be very particular in placing these brothers, I know them very well and they deserve so much.  Both of them are hand shy, and it has always been clear they have been hit and abused often in the first 8 months of their lives before coming to us.  They are also sensitive to yelling.  A home that can provide equal leadership with gentle, patient correction, love, and plenty of exercise is key to their mental and physical well-being.

Both dogs are high energy and love to play – they are awesome with dogs of all sizes, but are cat killers.  They would prefer to live in a child free home, as Soda does not tolerate children very well.  They need a home with a large fully fenced, escape proof yard.  They love to chase and wrestle with one another, and love chasing balls and squeaky toys.

the weiner brothers

Soda and Neehi are crate trained and sleep in their crate together every night, however I would love to see them go to a home where they are allowed to sleep in their human’s bed – cause they would really love that.  They are house broken, but will mark in a new home initially.  The brothers have some training – but I have not forced them to be perfect.  Their home must be clean, and chairs must be pushed in.  They love to hop up on the chair and onto my desk to use my computer.

Sodapop and Neehi must be adopted together, we will not split them up.  The adoption fee for the Weiner Brothers – together – is $600 – They are neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed, and flea treated.  An adoption application and home visit is required.

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