Bouwman (now Solomon – aka Solly) ADOPTED

Bouwman is about 17 weeks old, his mommy was a Great Pyrenees, and his daddy we are guessing was a Shepherd.  Bouwman is a sweet BIG puppy, and is very attached to his humans, even though it is obvious that they weren’t always so nice to him.  When I walk Bouwman, he sticks to my leg like glue, he heels even though he was never taught to do so.  He is great with other dogs, big and small, but would rather be with people (for now).  Once he gains more confidence, I am sure he will play with the other dogs, and do what dogs do.


Bouwman was a farm puppy, and does not understand house training yet.  He is still hesitant with stairs as well, but he does them, while whining all the way up and all the way down.  Bouwman would be good with children, however toddlers and small children could be a bit small for this large, clumsy puppy.  He is a gentle giant, tries to jump on me, but understands that it isn’t allowed.

I just started crate training Bouwman – so we could get his house training on the go.  He howled for about 3 hours the first 2 nights, and that gets less and less as we continue.  I am sure he will learn to love the crate as his safety zone, and go in willingly on command in no time.  He is a smart dog, with willingness to please…

Bouwman will be neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated prior to adoption.  His adoption donation is $395.00

An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us to request an application or download one from the “Adoption Process” page of this site.  Bouwman would also really love a foster home until he finds his forever home, if you can open your home and heart to him temporarily, please contact us!!

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