Jamee is a 5 year old Standard Dachshund.  She was surrendered by her owners they said they just didn’t have time for her.  Jamee should be an only dog, as she is very needy.  She is jealous of other dogs that try to also get attention from her human.  With consistency, boundaries and proper training – she could learn to share.  But this takes time and owners who are diligent and patient.  Jamee would also prefer a home without small children.

She is still fairly high energy, a little overweight, needing exercise and a proper training regiment.  She should not be spoiled as this will just enable her behavior.  She does have a little separation anxiety, so a home instead of apartment, condo or townhome would be more suitable for her.

She is a beautiful dog, and with the right owner, she will make a wonderful companion.  Jamee is also seeking a foster home until she finds her forever home.


Sorry about the blurry photo, she just wouldn’t stand still LOL.  Jamee’s adoption fee is $450.  She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and had a full dental.

An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us at adoptionsdmrs@yahoo.ca to request an application via email or you can go directly to the “Adoption Process” page of this blog.

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