Momma Snowshoe – Adopted!

Snowshoe has been with us for little over a month now, all but one of her puppies have found homes.  Her teets have gone back to normal, her health has greatly improved, she is happy, playful and full of beans!!

We are hoping that a kind soul will offer her a foster home, where she can learn how to be an indoor family dog, once and for all.  She  still needs lots of work with commands and manners.  Snowshoe is very energetic.  She loves to fetch and play ball.  She loves to destroy stuffies and big soccer balls.  She must have some JRT in her.  She needs stimulation and can play for hours.


We are still holding off on having her spayed for a couple more weeks, so she doesn’t have too much of a complicated surgery.  We are also trying to raise some funds specifically for Momma, as her fur is so thin, that we would like to have a bloodtest done to be sure she doesn’t suffer from cushings.  She has had a rough life so far, having litter after litter outdoors.  We want to be able to give her all she needs before she finds her forever home.

Because Snowshoe is very active, an apartment would not be a good environment for her.  She would love a yard to run and chase balls.  Someone who is not gone 8 hours a day would also be beneficial for her, as if she does not get the proper stimulation, she turns to chewing.

I hope to find patient, dedicated foster home for Snowshoe, to help make her a highly adoptable friend for a lucky family to have her in the near future.  If you are willing to help Snowshoe by fostering, or by donating to her vet fund, please send us an email.

We ask that all interested people please complete a foster application and agree to a home visit so we can ensure that the right match is made in the best interests of Momma Snowshoe.  Thank You!

Donations for Momma Snowshoe’s vet needs can be made directly to Kingsway Veterinary Clinic 604 435 0222


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