Fire – Adopted

Fire is a wee chihuahua mix – weighing only 4.6 lbs. However, she doesn’t let her size hinder her activities. She is a very easy keeper, only requires regular hugs and snuggle time, but is more than content to nap the day away snuggled in her bed. She loves loves loves getting treats and sits on command and ‘sits pretty’ to earn her reward. Fire is also very tolerant and amiable, she’ll let you lie her on her back, resting between your knees (especially for a tummy rub!). She rarely barks – but will let a few out when someone knocks on the door, or when you leave her and shut the door (or door to her crate) but she’ll quiet down right away. She is very much house trained, but sometimes if its been a while since she’s had a chance to go outside, and she gets excited… a few dribbles come out.


Fire has earned the nickname, ‘Bambi’ as she has got the biggest doe-eyes ever… she’ll sit on her bed and look at you with her big brown eyes to convince you to let her snuggle on your lap. Fire took a while to get over whatever ‘separation anxiety’ plagued her from her previous life – she would constantly cry and whimper out if you were to leave her for a few minutes. This ceased after only a few days and a few times of being left alone in the house. Fire quickly learned that her family will come back for her and that she won’t be left forever. Overall, Fire is a very friendly little beast with nary an issue with anything. She would probably do best in a ‘calmer’ household or one when someone was home quite often. She can get slightly neurotic and worried if there is a lot of activity and just loves being with her people. She is also very affectionate and likes to give kisses.
Fire’s adoption fee is $395.  She is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, flea treated, and spayed.
Adoption application and home visit is required.  Please email us at to request an application to be sent to you.

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