Bella – Adopted

Bella is a young lab x.  She has a great personality.  Everyone loves her.  She needs exercise and more so, play time.  She just loves to play, play, play.  She is crate trained, and out of the crate she lays quietly for long periods of time.  At night she lays on the carpet the bed only crying when she needs to go out.  Great with people, and other dogs.  Walks nicely on a halti.  She would do better in a home with older children only because of her still very puppy ways.

Bella 6Bella would love to be in a home with another dog of equal size to play with. Bella is spayed, tattooed, dewormed, vaccinated and flea treated.

Bella 7Bella’s adoption fee will be $295. An adoption application and home visit are required.

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  1. Bella's Foster Mom said,

    November 5, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Bella had lots of fun today out on the dyke. We went down to the beach where the lab in her came out. Boy does she love to swim! Out she goes and just toodles around like a little tug boat. Throw a ball and she will fetch til the cows come home. She had 8 of her friends with her and boy can you tell she has Whippet in her because she’s fast. My standard poodle who is also quite fast, speeds off for a game of catch me. Bella is on him like a shot and gently grabs him by his big floppy ears so he has to stop….she’s quite smart too! TAG, YOUR IT! and off they go again.

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