BAT has found his forever home!

UPDATE ON BAT!!!  MAY 18, 2009

It took 3/4 of a year, and Bat has finally found his true love!!  She didn’t even know he existed, she didn’t know about our rescue, they just happened to meet one day and it was instant love for one another.  Ah, love at first sight….how many of us experience that? Bat gets to spend his time with his new mom, who spends most of her time out in her beautiful peaceful garden, with Bat by her side the whole time.

It took a few tries, and a very understanding, wonderful foster mom who cared for him this entire time of waiting…Thank You Gail Fox!!!  I wish I had more foster homes like you!  There were lots of tears when saying goodbye to Bat – I am sure of that!


Bat has had his surgery successfully.  He seems as though nothing even happened, what a trooper.  Bat has had his teeth cleaned, his neuter done, a tattoo plus all other necessary vetting.


Bat would prefer a home with few or no stairs.  A quiet, peaceful place to be, loved, cared for, doted on, cuddled and coddled, and a warm bed to sleep in with his favorite human.

He gets along great with other dogs, so a friend he would probably like, as long as that friend is just as easy going as he is.  He has had his days of being beaten up and bullied by other dogs at his previous life in a BYB/Hoarding situation.  So let’s give him what he deserves.

Adoption applications and home visits must be completed.  We are not going to place him with the first person that applies, but will carefully screen all applicants and choose the one best suited for Bat.

Bat’s Adoption Fee is BY DONATION.

Please email us at to request an application.


UPDATE:  So far we have raised approximately $500 for Bat’s surgery.  With your help we can raise enough for him.  His eye surgery will run $700 give or take, so we would like to raise at least $800 to cover any unexpected expenses which does happen fairly normally.  Also we would love to raise the funds to cover Bat’s dental which Alta Vista Animal Hospital was kind enough to do for us on credit… $283.00 was that total.  He had 3 teeth pulled and has a shining smile now.

Donations can be made directly to either Vet hospital – WestCoast Eye Specialists for Bat’s upcoming surgery or Alta Vista Animal Hospital for Bat’s Dental…..we thank you all in advance for your generosity.


No we did not name him BAT.  That was his name before he came here, and he responds well to it.  We were trying to get creative, but really, Stevie wasn’t cutting it.  Bat is doing so well now that he doesn’t have his brother beating on him all the time, he is in a fabulous foster home and they just adore him.  He is so smart and gets around really well, learns quickly and is a cuddler.

Bat was born with no eyes, he is 8 years old and is going to finally get the vet care he should have always gotten throughout his life.  Bat’s teeth were in horrible condition, and due to his age, a geriatric panel was needed prior to putting him under anaesthetic.  The bill for this has reached $385.

We have also taken him in to the Westcoast Eye Specialists for a consult.  Because Bat has holes, with no eyeballs behind them, they have suggested having his eyelids surgically shut.  Leaving them the way they are leaves Bat vulnerable to infections, and irritation.  His eyes weep a lot right now.

This surgery will cost roughly $700 give or take.  We ask the animal loving community if they can help Bat by donating whatever they can afford.  You can make a donation directly to the Westcoast Eye Clinic, or send your donation by snail mail to #235, 2607 Kingsway, BC  V5R 5H4

1 Comment

  1. arlene said,

    March 20, 2009 at 4:00 am

    I check in on Bat regularly. He is such a sweet Little Man. I see him still here and I am hoping its just because the site has not been updated. Please tell me he has a loving home. I would have taken him months ago, but not able.

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