Mudd – funny but cute!! – ADOPTED


Mudd is too funny!!  I can’t believe that someone would produce this breed, but it’s kinda cute!  He is a Shiba Inu Boston Terrier Cross.  He is 7 months old weighing in at 13lbs.  He is a high energy puppy who has not had much in the way of manner management until he arrived here.  He needs a family who will be responsible and motivated enough to train him and be consistent throughout his life (as with all dogs).


He is already learning to sit instantly on command,  is a very smart little dude and will learn quickly.  He would prefer to be in a home with older children as he gets way too excited around the little ones.  He needs lots of exercise like all Bostons do, and the discipline that Shibas do.  But he also loves to be hugged and praised….well you know we all need affection in our lives.

Mudd’s adoption fee is $395, he has been neutered, vaccinated, tattooed, dewormed, and flea treated. Please email us for an adoption application at Home visits are required.

And MUDD is also a B.C. DOG!!!!!

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  1. June 7, 2009 at 12:43 am

    We have adopted this little fella and his new name is MacDuff…Duff for short. He is one happy, energetic little fella…that’s why we call him fireball sometimes.

    Anyhow, he is doing very well. He’s no longer mouthing, fully housetrained and does extremely well when he is left on his own for a bit. He definitely thinks he’s the captain of this ship…he won’t relax until he know where the rest of his family is and then settle down into someone’s lap for love and cuddles. Even our pitty-X accepts him and is spoiling him rotten. He gets to lay in her bed, take her treats and toys and bark at her when he wants to play.

    We’re glad to report that Duff (aka Mudd) is doing very well in his new home!

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