Bosco (also known as Cartman) – HAS BEEN ADOPTED

Bosco is a sibling of Bat, and Paisley.  He came with all of his brothers and sisters.  He is the largest one of the bunch, but still falls into the small dog category.  As it seems all of these dogs came from horrendous circumstances, Bosco being only 5 years old, had such bad teeth that during his neuter, we decided to get him a dental too.  He had 10 teeth pulled cause they were rotten.  Now he feels much better, and looks like a million bucks.

Winter mistyland….Bosco and his new sweater…how dreamy…

He is still a shy guy, needs some time to warm up to new people….but when he does, he will be your faithful little sidekick.  He is so poodle like, but has short legs…funny, and cute all at the same time.

If you feel you can offer Bosco the home he deserves, please email us at for an application.  His adoption fee is $350, that includes his neuter, vaccines, dental, deworming, tattoo and flea control.

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