Chihuahuas in need – Puppy Mill Raid PLEASE GIVE to Help

There is a puppy mill breeder in New Orleans that is going to be shut down for her inhumane practices.  A request has been made asking us to take as many as we can, as fast as we can, after they are raided and the dogs are confiscated.

BUT without the funds to transport these babies to Vancouver, they will be left behind, to ultimately be euthanized, and that would break my heart.

I am asking all of you to close your eyes and put yourselves in the bodies of these little chihuahuas.  Feel their fear, sadness, desperation, pain, illness, and the brief excitement and happiness they experience during their so seldom human encounters.  With your help, we can give these dogs happiness, love, contentment, fulfillment, and a life worth living.

This will be a transport with a high cost.  The exchange rate is again so high, and because the price of gas has increased – the flight fees have also increased….some of you may ask again – if it costs so much, is it really worth it?

My answer is yes, these lives are worth every penny.  If you see them when they arrive, how emaciated, terrified, and sad their faces look – and then see them after a month or so with their new family, you would also feel so rewarded….It is a wonderful feeling.  And again it is so worth it.

Sweet Chihuahuas Video Please Watch

I want to let you all know why I do what I do.   I love all dogs, cats and other critters…..but there’s something about the chi personality and the way they look at you with those lovey eyes, I just can’t resist.  Some may say that there are enough dogs here that need homes, and yes I agree.  That is why we also strive to do all we can to help local dogs as often as we can.

However, in the U.S. there are so many dogs that need our help, and I will not turn a blind eye.  I would not feel good about myself if I said NO to these highly adoptable dogs.  I would not be able to sleep knowing that I left them all behind to ultimately face the death penalty for simply being born.

As I have learned from past experiences, I am sure that there will be a number of folks who will decide to criticize my choice to save these chihuahuas from the United States.  I accept the opinions of others and cannot change the way they feel.  I will stand by quietly and listen, but my heart has always guided me down the right paths, and I choose to follow.

Here I sit, hoping and praying that what I have written helps you understand my view, and that many of you find it in your hearts to help these wonderful chihuahuas find their way to Vancouver.

Anything and everything helps.  Our goal is to raise $5000 for this rescue, and if we raise more than that, we can be sure that other little ones can come too.

You can send your donations to our mailing address, or you can make a direct deposit into Dhana Metta’s Vancity account (branch 2 account #682377 Vancouver).  TO MAKE A DONATION BY PAYPAL, OUR ACCOUNT IS UNDER AND IT IS UP AND RUNNING!!



PACO (seen above) came to Vancouver from New Orleans in 2007, he was emaciated, dehydrated, and terrified of people, cats, noises and just about everything.  He had no idea about love, affection, even sleeping on a bed.  He slept in corners, sitting up, his eyes always open, to be sure no body was going to sneak up on him to hurt him.

Look at the smile on his face now. He is happy, healthy, loving, and you sure can see it…this is what makes all of what we do so worth every penny….


Bubba on the left and BB on the right hand side.  Bubba was rescued from a Northern BC chihuahua breeder, badly abused at 8 weeks old, puppies should never be so scared of humans.  Bubba loves his new life.  And BB what a doll, she came from New Orleans with Paco, and they are both happy dogs.  A better life forever.

Clover and Sage

Clover and Sage, my original girls…….who started this chihuahua fiasco!!

Help stop the suffering, please donate to help these chihuahuas come to Canada, and please please educate yourselves and all your friends about the negative effects of puppymills….watch the videos on YouTube, remember what you see, and let’s all work together to shut down as many as possible.


1 Comment

  1. dhanametta said,

    October 30, 2008 at 5:43 am

    I would very much like to thank Gloria and Anthony (and Angie) for the wonderful donation they have made for the chihuahua rescue and for Bat….THANK YOU

    Carol S. Thank you for your kind donation and being such a wonderful person! I am very proud to have been able to find such a wonderful home for 2 deserving dogs like Hurley (from California) and Cricket (from New Orleans).

    And to the anonymous person that donated $50.00 into our Vancity account, Thank you too…..

    Vienna – I have known you for how long?? something like 23 years?? WOW! I am so glad I ran into you the other day, it is so nice to see a friendly face. Thank you also for your kind donation towards these wonderful little souls.

    With Humble Gratitude


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