Sparky the Australian Terrier – ADOPTED

Sparky is another poor soul that was left behind by his owners when they decided to take off without paying their rent – midnight moveout…

I asked the folks that lived upstairs what they knew of Sparky.  They understood that Sparky was left in a room in the dark for long periods of time, he was not house broken, and now suffers from separation anxiety.  He will be staying with us for his housetraining and we will work with him to help him understand that there is nothing to fret over.


He is scared of new people, but does not bite, I watched him tolerate children, with no aggression.  He has met our dogs and cats and he is OK with all of them.  He needs some basic obedience training, on leash, sits stays and comes… this should be an easy task.

If you are interested in providing Sparky the home that he needs, with love, patience, compassion and understanding, please email us at for an adoption application.  A home visit is also mandatory.  Sparky has been neutered, has had his vaccinations and tattoo, deworm and flea treatment.  His adoption fee is $275.

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