Finnegan the Maltipoo – ADOPTED

Finnegan came to us a few days ago, holy bananas was he ever infested with the biggest fleas ever!!  They did not want to die!!  I spent 2 hours picking those bastards off his body after soaking him in the tub covered in suds for 45 minutes, poor guy was not happy with me.  But he accepted it and never growled or attempted to bite, I also gave him a good grooming, and shaved his matted dirty fur…


He follows us around everywhere like a lost puppy (which he was) and he cries when he cannot see us.  So needless to say he has a bit of separation anxiety.  I think this will resolve itself once he knows his place, home, human, and where he finally belongs.

He is fine with the other dogs, and likes cats.  He just got neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, dewormed, and tattooed… he needs a home where he can learn some obedience, he is very willing to please so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Finnegan’s adoption fee is $275.00, if you are interested in giving Finnegan a new family forever, please email us at for an adoption application.

A Home Visit is Mandatory.

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