Blanca the Ragdoll – ADOPTED

Blanca is approximately 1 1/2 years old and came to us last summer. Her original owners bought her and her boyfriend from a pet store for $800 each. When the landlord found out, he reminded the tenant that “PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED”. To our disgust, we discovered that the owner tossed both kitties out on the street.

My friend Tony found both cats (and the owner), the owner surrendered them and Tony took them in to be fixed. That is when the vet told him that Blanca was pregnant. She was brought to us, after she had given birth to 4 little babies. She was thin and malnourished, infested with fleas, her hair in mats. She didn’t even know how to use a litter box, as she was only a kitten herself when she had kittens. She was a sad little soul.

June 16-08 001

All her kittens found wonderful homes last October, and we have held on to Blanca for almost a year to ensure her health, and basic kitty training.  She has been spayed, dewormed , vaccinated. She is a sweet, loving girl (who now knows what a litter box is).  She would love to share all her love and affection with a very special human.  She is very good with most other cats and digs well mannered dogs.

If you are interested in adopting beautiful Blanca, please contact us for an adoption application at

Mira’s adoption fee is $175

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  1. Fawn said,

    August 30, 2008 at 2:47 am

    Hi There: I live in Kamloops but travel to Vancouver quite a bit. Is Blana/Mira still around? We have another Ragdoll female and want a buddy for her. I have a 3 bedroom house with lots of room for another cat. Thanks, Fawn

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